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KIPPRA is planning an annual regional conference on 'Building Resilience To Mitigate The Impact Of Drought And Floods' scheduled for 5th - 7th June, 2018. Go to CONFERENCE WEBSITE to register. 

KIPPRA Presents Health Study Findings at Universal Health Care Conference, Makueni'

The convergence of the top leadership and stakeholders in Kenya’s health sector during the 2018 Universal Health Care (UHC) Conference in Makueni County provided a golden chance for KIPPRA to disseminate the findings of a recent study on health delivery under devolution. 

Kenya Economic Report 2018 Validation Workshop

The KIPPRA Act 2006 mandates the institute to produce an annual report of Kenya’s economy, which includes an analysis of the medium-term prospects. In preparing the report, KIPPRA consults with relevant stakeholders such as the Central Bank of Kenya, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

New Approaches Needed to Address Drought Emergencies in Kenya

In recent years, Kenya has faced recurrent and intense drought conditions, which require more attention if the development agenda is to be achieved. On 10th February 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta declared drought a national disaster, having affected 23 arid and semi-arid counties.

Economic Inclusion of Youth and Women Through Entrepreneurship

Various economic actors play significant roles in promoting sustainable development globally, particularly through Sustainable Development Goal 8, which promotes sustained inclusive economic growth.

Recent Publications

Towards Strengthening Public Financial Management in County Governments in Kenya
An Assessment of Healthcare Delivery in Kenya under the Devolved System
Kenya Economic Report 2017

Coming up: KIPPRA Annual Regional Conference on 5th-7th June 2018. Go to to register | KIPPRA @20: Supporting Sustainable Development through Research and Capacity Building

Who We Are

The Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) is an autonomous public institution that was established in May 1997 through a Legal Notice and commenced operations in June 1999. In January 2007, His Excellency the President signed the KIPPRA Bill into law and the KIPPRA Act No. 15 of 2006 commenced on 1st February 2007.The Institute is thus an autonomous Think Tank established under an Act of Parliament.

 Our Mission

To provide quality public policy advice to the Government of Kenya by conducting objective research and analysis and through capacity building in order to contribute to the achievement of national development goals.

Our Vision

An international centre of excellence in public policy research and analysis

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism and ethics in service delivery
  • Fair competition and merit in appointments and promotion
  • Good governance, transparency and accountability
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Responsive, prompt, impartial and equitable service
  • Provisioning for diversity
  • Upholding of human rights in the public service


Harnessing the Potential of Irrigated Agriculture for Food Security

In the last decade, Kenya has experienced food shortages attributed to low agricultural productivity occasioned by decline in soil fertility, high input costs and unreliable weather in the face of a rising population to feed. In 2017, production of maize, which is Kenya’s staple, declined by 20 per cent due to drought across the country. […]

Conflicting Laws and Unclear Employment Relationships Complicate Implementation of CBAs

Under Kenyan law, the definition of a Collective Bargaining Agreement, known specifically as “Collective Agreement”, is provided for in two pieces of legislation. Section 2 of the Labour Relations Act 2007 defines collective agreement as “…a written agreement concerning any terms and conditions of employment made between a trade union and an employer, group of […]

Latest News

Policy Formulation Process In Kenya

A Policy is a statement of Government intent Which articulates basic principles to be pursued to attain specific goals and actions. In the context of legislation, a policy is a document which outlines what a government or individual aims to achieve for a society as a whole

National Values & Principles of Governance

National Values
National values are beliefs of a nation guiding the actions and behaviour of its citizens
Principles of Governance
these are principles that oblige the state to perform its functions in a manner that promotes the general well being of its people

KIPPRA Service Delivery Charter


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