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Development Aspirations Beyond 2030

The study is themed “development aspirations beyond 2030: leveraging on cities to drive economic growth in Kenya.”

Many cities particularly in developing countries are already struggling with environmental degradation, insecurity, traffic congestion, inadequate urban infrastructure, and a lack of basic services, such as water supply, sanitation, and waste management. Environmental footprints of cities are quite alarming and can threaten the natural resources required to sustain the economic development and poverty alleviation rates. Maintaining economic growth in cities, while creating sustainable liveable cities for urban population, is the biggest urban challenge facing Kenya and the Africa today..

As Kenyan cities and other potential cities continue to grow, there is an urgent need to work towards building liveable cities in order to address challenges faced by urban population that include inadequate infrastructure services, environmental degradation, poor accessibility to market and high costs relative to the level of development.

The main focus of this study to harness the potential and exploring the constraints of cities and future cities in Kenya for the promotion of sustainable and inclusive growth.

The specific objectives of the study are:

  1. Creating an environment where all citizens can lead productive lives and enhance well being in urban areas
  2. Exploring Cities and urban areas as avenues for structural transformation/inclusion
  3. Review business enablers in cities and urban areas (which include innovation, financial services, business support services such as hubs)  
  4. Assess policy efforts by cities and urban areas towards adapting to climate change
  5. Boosting food production, availability and accessibility within cities and urban areas
  6. Assess role of cities and urban centers in promoting sustainable urban markets
  7. Enhancing good governance for safe and secure cities and urban centers
  8. Boosting infrastructure connectivity for inclusive and sustainable cities and urban centers


This scope of this study will be focus on:

  • Cities
  • Potential Cities
  • Urban areas

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