KIPPRA Mandate

The overall goal and mandate of KIPPRA is to improve public policy making for realization of national development goals, through economic forecasting, policy analysis and research, and formulation of medium and long-term strategic perspectives for economic and social development. Under the KIPPRA Act, the Institute is mandated to carry out the following functions:

  1. Develop capacities in public policy research and analysis and assist the Government in the process of policy formulation and implementation;
  2. Identify and undertake independent and objective programs of research and analysis, including macroeconomic, inter-disciplinary and sectoral studies on topics affecting public policy in areas such as human resource development, social welfare, environment and natural resources, agriculture and rural development, trade and industry, public finance, money and finance, macroeconomic and microeconomic modeling;
  3. Provide advisory and technical services on public policy issues to the Government and other agencies of the Government;
  4. Communicate the findings and recommendations of the Institute’s research programs to the agencies of the Government concerned with the implementation of public policy;
  5. Serve as a point of communication and encourage the exchange of views between the Government, the private sector and other bodies or agencies of the Government on matters relating to public policy research and analysis;
  6. Collect and analyze relevant data on public policy issues and disseminate the Institute’s research findings to persons it deems appropriate to publish such research findings;
  7. Develop and maintain a reservoir of research resources on public policy and related issues and make these available to the Government, the private sector and learning institutions in Kenya;
  8. Organize symposia, conferences, workshops and other meetings to promote the exchange of views on issues relating to public policy research and analysis; and
  9. Undertake public policy research relevant to governance and its implications to development.