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Kenya Economic Report 2024

The Kenya Economic Report (KER) 2024 is prepared in compliance with the provisions of Section 23 (3) of the KIPPRA Act No. 15 of 2006. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of Kenya’s economic performance in the previous financial year, while also providing economic prospects for the upcoming three years. In line with its objective, the KER 2024 focuses on the theme “Enhancing Productivity for Sustained Inclusive Growth.” The overarching goal is to present evidence-based public policy options that can foster sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Kenya by boosting productivity across various sectors..

The areas of focus of the report are:

  1. Trends in Macroeconomic Performance
  2. Kenya’s Medium Term Macroeconomic Prospects
  3. Increasing Labour Productivity in Manufacturing
  4. Enhancing  Productivity through Trade
  5. Investing in Skills for a Productive and Dynamic Workforce
  6. Transforming Agriculture for Enhanced Productivity
  7. Reimagining Strategic Partnerships in Unlocking Technology Transfer
  8. Assessing Productivity at County Level  
  9. Enhancing Productivity in the Public Service
  10. Leveraging on Digitization to Increase Productivity in the Informal Economy

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