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Validation Workshop on Smart and Sustainable Cities in Kenya

KIPPRA held a validation workshop for research findings on smart and sustainable cities in Kenya on 17th October 2023 in Nairobi. The research work focused on assessing the current state of smart and sustainable urbanization in Kenyan cities as well as reviewing the policy and legal frameworks for the cities to identify policy gaps and propose recommendations for improvement. The validation workshop was attended by stakeholders from the national governments, county governments, private sector and civil society.

Participants follow the proceedings of the validation workshop
KIPPRA Policy Analyst, Ms Martha Naikumi takes the participants through the findings of the study

The study aimed to assess the current state of smart and sustainable urbanization in Kenyan cities, identify areas of strength and improvement across various pillars of smart and sustainable cities in Kenya, analyse the existing frameworks to identify their strengths, weaknesses and propose recommendations for improvement and review the best practices and lessons in benchmark city Zurich.

The study found that Nairobi leads in smart and sustainable urbanization with a score of 0.69 followed by Mombasa with a score of 0.52.

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