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Stakeholder Workshop on Influence of Elections on Macroeconomic Indicators in Kenya

On March 28th, 2024, KIPPRA organized a stakeholder validation workshop centered on the Influence of Elections on Macroeconomic Indicators in Kenya, alongside the Dynamics of Exchange Rate Misalignment and Portfolio Flows in the country. Spearheaded by the Macroeconomics Development Department, the workshop aimed to disseminate and deliberate upon the findings of two distinct studies.

Participants follow the proceedings of the workshop

The first study delved into the historical impact of Kenyan elections on macroeconomic indicators, while the second explored exchange rate misalignment and portfolio flows within Kenya. During the workshop, KIPPRA Policy Analyst, Mr. Jacob Nato, delivered presentations on both subjects. In his first presentation, Mr. Nato elucidated on the ramifications past elections exerted on Kenya’s macroeconomic landscape. Subsequently, his second presentation delved into the dynamics of exchange rate misalignment and portfolio flows in the nation.

Policy Analysts, Jacob Nato addresses makes a presentation during the workshop

The workshop brought together participants from the State Department for Economic Planning, The Central Bank of Kenya, The Kenya Revenue Authority, Parliamentary Budget Office and various institutions of higher education.

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