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Staff Sensitization on First Aid and Fire Safety

KIPPRA staff were on Wednesday the 24th of May 2023 sensitized on first aid and fire safety. The exercise was organized by the Health and Safety Committee and facilitated by Mr Jackson Mutunga from St Johns Ambulance.

Staff gained an understanding of the causes and stages of fire, the fire extinguisher anatomy, the principles of extinguishing fire, the different classes of fire and fire safety signages around the office.

Health and Safety Committee Chairperson Ms Juliah Muguro.

Mr Mutunga stressed the importance of staff embracing and practicing fire prevention and awareness. He added that it was important to do a risk assessment at our places of work to identify what fire protection equipment is appropriate to procure.

In the event of a fire emergency, the staff were educated on what steps to take to ensure successful trial evacuations or fire drills. To ensure that all staff adequately participate, the sensitization was phased into three sessions. The committee chair Ms Juliah Muguro concluded the sessions by giving her closing remarks and thanking the staff and facilitator for a successful exercise.

Mr Jackson Mutunga from St Johns Ambulance facilitates the sessions.

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