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KIPPRA Visits Marakwet School to Assess Learners with Disability

Dr Mathew Muma from KIPPRA supports the assessing doctor by holding a wheelchair.

KIPPRA, in collaboration with the National Council for Persons for Disability (NCPWD), visited Kipsaina Primary School in Elgeyo Marakwet County on 17th March 2020. The visit was part of preparations for KIPPRA’s upcoming regional conference in June, which will focus on enhancing inclusivity through empowering persons with disability.

The KIPPRA team (left) fills the pupils registration forms.

During the event championed by the Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee, NCPWD doctors assessed learners for issuance of disability cards. The visit also provided useful information for a CSR event KIPPRA plans to undertake later to support learners with disability. Kipsaina Primary School integrates learners with various physical disabilities.

 Top and bottom: Pupils with disability being assessed.

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