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KIPPRA Participates in Africa Climate Summit

KIPPRA participated in Africa Climate Summit from 4th to 6th September 2023 inNairobi. The summit which was organized by Africa Union Commission and the Government of Kenya provided an opportunity for an African Leaders Nairobi Declaration on Green Growth and Climate Finance Solutions, and for a Call to Action for African Union Member States and supporting partners to champion its delivery. The Institute was represented at the summit by the Director Economic Management, Dr Eldah Onsomu and Communications Officer, Mr Mohamednur Duba.

The summit aimed to launch a new ambition for Africa and invite partnerships with the rest of the world towards addressing climate change for sustained development. It also served as a platform to showcase progress, exchange perspectives, and begin to converge on common priorities for global discussions (including UNGA, G20, World Bank Group (WBG) and IMF Annual Meetings, COP28 and beyond).

The Institute also participated in a session on Accelerating Policy Action for Development, Climate and Food Security in Kenya. The contribution during the session included a presentation on practical approaches, solutions, and opportunities to advance sustainable development in Kenya, including improved food security and adaptation to a changing climate to spark a dialogue on policy action and to demonstrate the urgency of strengthening science/policy/practice collaboration. KIPPRA also participated in sessions on Carbon Markets in the Global South, Accelerating Climate Resilient Investments in Africa and Scaling International Climate Finance for Africa. The deliberations at the summit included full implementation of all COP27 commitments, accelerating all efforts to reduce emissions to align with goals set forth in the Paris Agreement and Swiftly operationalization of the Loss and Damage facility agreed at COP27.

The summit culminated with governments, the private sector, multilateral financial institutions and philanthropists committing $23 billion for green growth, mitigation and adaptation efforts in Africa. The summit also committed to focus Africa’s economic development plans on climate-positive growth, including expansion of just energy transitions and renewable energy generation for industrial activity, climate-aware and restorative agricultural practices, and essential protection and enhancement of nature and biodiversity.

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