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Visit to St.Francis School for the Visually Impaired

On 14th February,KIPPRA Board members ,Executive Director and KIPPRA National Values Committee visited St.Francis School for the visiaully impaired in West Pokot-Kapenguria. We were able to have a comprehensive day where KIPPRA met the board members for both primary and highschool and the headteacher and principal for both schools were able to air out challenges faced at the school and share accomplishments by the students,on the day  we were able to  meet one of the students who KIPPRA sponsored for his trip to Morroco to attend a marathon which he had qualified for.

The Students were able to perform outstanding performances which show cased their talent and proved Disability is not Inability,with that KIPPRA Board Chair Dr.Linda Musumba encouraged the students by citing various successful people who had disabilities but were able to rise above it all and achieve their dreams and aspirations and become successful and impactful people in the society.

.The Committee had also arranged a very speacial segement on national values  and with that they were able  present to the school and students a National Value and Principal of Governavce Braille Booklet  which the students  were sensitized on by Mr.Nyongesa and they were able to have an interactive session .It being a very special day and also Valentines Day we were able to  present the school with some gifts to assist at the school and to ensure the students were able to  continue with their education  and excel at it.

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