Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) students visit KIPPRA

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) students visit KIPPRA

Learning and exchange of ideas with visiting Turkish students

A team of 25 Turkish and Kenyan students undertook an interactive study tour of KIPPRA on Tuesday 22 August, 2017. The visit, which was courtesy of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) Nairobi, aimed at exposing the students to development challenges within TIKA’s priority areas of health, education, water, sanitation and agriculture. The team also wanted to know KIPPRA’s role in providing policy and research solutions to these challenges.

Executive Director Dr Rose Ngugi welcomed the team and briefly explained KIPPRA’s research processes in line with Kenya’s development agenda and plans, key among them the Vision 2030. Dr Ngugi named KIPPRA’s research divisions, noting that they were aligned to the various themes and pillars in Kenya’s development agenda.

According to the leader of the visiting team, Emre Yuksek, TIKA supports many sanitation, health, education and agriculture projects in many developing countries such as South Sudan, Somalia and Afghanistan.

In line with TIKA’s priority areas and the students’ expectations, three KIPPRA policy analysts made brief presentations on education, health, agriculture, water and sanitation in Kenya as well as the specific research KIPPRA had done in these areas.

The first was head of Social Sector Division Dr Eldah Onsomu, who highlighted various milestones and challenges in Kenya’s education and health sectors. The second presentation was by acting head of Infrastructure and Economic Services Division Dr Helen Hoka, who described the water and sanitation situation in Kenya. Dr Hoka highlighted some of the key projects the government had initiated to ensure widespread access to clean water. She, however, noted that much more needed to be done, including proper rainwater harvesting and storage, to ensure all Kenyans access clean water.

Policy Analyst, Nancy Laibuni, took the vising team through the various dynamics of Kenya’s agriculture sector as well as the various research initiatives KIPPRA had undertaken to improve the sector and ensure food security.

The visiting team got an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications after every presentation. The meeting ended with a mutual agreement to continue discussions with the possibility of forging collaborations in future.

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