Students get a glimpse of research skills application

Students get a glimpse of research skills application

Two groups of Karatina University students pursuing mathematics, statistics, actuarial science and computing visited KIPPRA on 17th and 21st November 2017.

The students wanted to know more about KIPPRA and how the knowledge they had acquired in research and analysis is applied in the workplace, specifically in policy analysis.

KIPPRA staff, led by the Executive Director Dr Rose Ngugi and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team welcomed the students and expressed the institute’s appreciation for the visit.

Dr Ngugi encouraged the students to aim very high and never lose focus of their dreams despite many challenges that may come their way. She also told them not to be afraid to make mistakes as it was proof that they were trying. Dr Ngugi, however, emphasized to the students the importance of time management and discipline in their quest to climb the career ladder.

To give the students a deeper understanding of KIPPRA’s role in the policy making process in Kenya, Policy Analyst Mr Adan Shibia made a brief presentation of the institute’s inception, mandate, strategic objectives, research divisions and themes as well as research collaborations and partners. Mr Shibia also highlighted the various stages in Kenya’s formulation process.

Acting Head of the Macroeconomics Division, Mr Benson Kiriga, explained how KIPPRA uses various research methods and applications to collect and analyze data. Mr Kiriga especially focused on the KIPPRA-Treasury Macro Model (KTMM), explaining how the model uses time series data for simulation and forecasting.

At the end of the presentations, the students got a chance to ask questions in relation to KIPPRA’s mandate, policy formulation in Kenya, career progression and the software KIPPRA uses to analyze data. KIPPRA staff handling the various research areas provided detailed answers and explanations.

A few other staff members and the CSR team also got a chance to address and encourage the students.



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