Child Sensitive Planning and Budgeting Project

KIPPRA in collaboration with UNICEF is implementing a project on Child Sensitive Planning and Budgeting in Kenya. The overall objective is to develop the country’s analytical capacity in child sensitive planning and budgeting with a view to promote the capacity of government in policy decision making. More specifically this project aims:

  1. To utilize the comparative research expertise, skills, human resources of all partners to deliver robust credible child sensitive evidence;
  2. To promote attainment of rights of a child through child focused approaches and methods of policy analysis and advocacy;
  3. To build KIPPRA’s capacity to undertake analysis that promotes the rights of a child with a focus on social sectors and related governance issues around public finance.
  4. To build government capacity on child focused outcomes and child sensitive budgeting

The project findings will inform planning and budget engagements for social protection, labour, public finance management, water, sanitation, education and health for the fiscal year 2018/19.