Register for KIPPRA Annual Regional Conference

Register for KIPPRA Annual Regional Conference

The Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) is planning an annual regional conference on ‘Building Resilience To Mitigate The Impact Of Drought And Floods’ scheduled for 5th – 7th June, 2018.

This is in partnership with various institutions that support communities in responding to occurrences of drought and floods.  As you are aware, ending emergencies of drought and floods is one of the key flagships in the Kenya Vision 2030.

The purpose of the conference, therefore, is to share experiences in responding to emergencies of drought and floods, explore existing gaps in policy and institutional structures that hinder building resilience to avoid disasters from such events, as well as learn from various initiatives what else is required to enhance coordination among the various key players. The Institute will also share results from a comprehensive survey undertaken to bring out the economic costs of drought and floods occurrences, coping mechanism adopted by affected communities, role and coordination of various key players in supporting to build resilience, policy and institutional gaps.

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