Public Policy Making Process Training for NGOs Board Kenya

Public Policy Making Process Training for NGOs Board Kenya

KIPPRA conducted a public policy training course for the NGOs Coordination Board in Nyeri from the 16th to the 20th of September 2019. The capacity building programme was supported through the initiative of UNDP– working to support the KIPPRA’s commitment to enhancing knowledge and understanding of how public policies are designed and the various ways in which they can shape public policy.  The team that was led by the executive director NGOs Coordination Board, Mr. Mutuma, had over 22 participants from UNDP, Amkeni Wakenya and Civil servants.

Dr. Eliud Moyi teaching the PPMP Training

The Kenya Institute for Public Policy and Analysis (KIPPRA) offers the course on Public Policy Making, under the department of Capacity Building. The public policy making course is trained by experts from the institution. It is targeted at policy makers, policy analysts (in both national government, county governments, private sector and civil society), bureaucrats and citizens.

NGOs Board Members during the PPMP Training


The one-week training which aimed at instilling public policy making skills to the participants was highly vetted by the participants though an evaluation, which they did every evening. This in an aim to improve the training and make it as effective as possible.

During the evaluation, it was noted that this training was necessary in the county level, to avoid the ‘copy and paste’ strategy by the representatives. It was also noted that the training materials should be made for the everyone, that means braille material, which KIPPRA addressed.

NGOs Board Members after their graduation of the PPMP Training



At the end of the one-week training all the participants graduated and were awarded with certificates for their hard work and commitment to the course.






By Owen Kimani & Catherine Mutuku

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