Public policies are designed to guide the delivery of desired results by a government.

Objective of programme: The public policy making course is designed to enhance the learner’s knowledge and understanding of how public policies are designed and the various ways in which they can shape public policy.

Mode of delivery: The course is structured into seven (7) modules and takes five (5) days of intensive learning, analyzing case studies and solving problems using group dynamics.

Learning outcomes: At the end of the course, participants are expected to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the public policy making environment in Kenya
  • Explain the steps involved in defining policy questions and structuring policy issues
  • Demonstrate understanding of ways in which various actors can influence the policy making process, especially by providing inputs into the national policy agenda
  • Evaluate the mechanics of policy design and the requisite policy tools used by governments to influence change
  • Apply skills and knowledge that governments use to ensure that public policies are efficient, effective and deliver results for citizens
  • Evaluate the linkages between research and public policy

Facilitation: The course will be delivered by KIPPRA experts.

Who should participate: The public policy making course targets policy makers, policy analysts (in both national government, county governments, private sector and civil society), bureaucrats and citizens.