Mount Kenya University Students Visit KIPPRA

Mount Kenya University Students Visit KIPPRA

As a part of its capacity building initiative targeting university students, KIPPRA hosted Mount Kenya University Economics Club members on the 26th of July 2019. The visit was hosted under the KIPPRA Mentorship Programme for University (KMPUs), which is designed to mentor the next generation of leaders and harness the link between academia and public policy making to promote national development.

Through the presentations made by various KIPPRA staff, the students got a better understanding of the Institute’s functions and its role in Kenya’s public policy process and how this contributes to development. The students also got to learn about the KIPPRA Young Professionals (YP) programme and what it takes to enroll in the one-year training programme. They also got a chance to learn more about the National Values and Principles of Governance as well as the country’s development agenda – the Vision 2030 and the Big Four agenda.

Dr. Nancy Nafula, who is in charge of the Capacity Building Department, noted that through KMPUs, students learn about the skills required in the labour market and how they can contribute to the development of the nation.

During the question and answer session, the students sought further clarifications on the Institute’s role in various issues and how they can be part of the mentorship programmes, especially the KMPUs. The KIPPRA team promised to involve them in upcoming activities.

At the end, the students said that they had learnt a lot and promised to be KIPPRA’s ambassadors. They also said they were encouraged to advance their studies to increase their chances of being part of the YP programme and even working with the Institute in future.

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