The KIPPRA Act No. 15 of 2006, directs the Institute to develop capacity in public policy research and analysis to the Government (including universities), Civil Society and private sector stakeholders. The Institute has over time developed the capacity of graduates in public policy research and analysis. The Young Professional Programme was the first capacity building program having been started in 2003. It is a flagship capacity building program in the institute with an annual admission capacity of 10-12 learners with post graduate qualification, mainly in Economics. The program’s aim is to enhance technical competence in public policy analysis for young professionals. Recently, the institute developed an internship program targeting university graduates.

However, over the years there has been growing demand to develop capacity for public policy research mainly for undergraduate students. Previously, Economics students from universities such as the Kenyatta University (Kenyatta University Economics Association), Karatina University, Laikipia University as well as the students from Turkish Universities have visited the Institute.  Other students have been from Business, Statistics and Mathematics departments. While the requests to host these students have been p