Date Title Author Publisher
20/6/2019 How change of currency notes affects economy Dr Christopher Onyango Business Daily
13/6/2019 Towards gender responsive housing policy, programmes and projects James Gachanja The Standard
11/6/2019 Women surest bet in quest for food security Evelyne Kihui The Standard
10/6/2019 Supplier diversity key in entrepreneurship Rodgers Musamali Business Daily
28/3/2019 Counties need to boost public finance systems Christopher Onyango, Manasseh Otieno and Paul Odhiambo Business Daily
19/6/2019 NACADA Survey: 4-year-olds abusing drugs Reporter KBC
12/6/2019 KIPPRA Conference Live coverage Reporter KTN News
12/6/2019 KIPPRA Conference Live coverage Reporter KTN News
12/6/2019 Leaders cite lack of political will on gender equality Reporter The Standard
11/6/2019 KIPPRA Conference trending top ten on Twitter Tweeter feeds Twitter
30/5/2019 Your SME is likely to thrive if it is located in this county Reporter Business Today
19/12/2018 Varsities key in policy-making-Official Reporter The Standard
19/12/2018 KIPPRA rolls out Big Four varsities Policy Programme Reporter The Star
18/12/2018 Kiosks key source of drugs for primary school pupils Reporter The Star
12/12/2018 Households in coastal counties most satisfied with health services Reporter Business Daily
11/12/2018 Major boost for ‘blue economy’ as Kenya hosts experts Reporter People Daily
10/12/2018 Focus on infrastructure, staffing as Kenya rolls out universal healthcare Reporter Business Daily
30/11/2018 FAO/IFPRI Bangkok Conference Accelerating the End of Hunger and Malnutrition. Session on: Leaving No-one Behind: Inclusive Acceleration Dr Rose Ngugi IFPRI
26/11/2018 Indonesia keen to help Kenya solve hyacinth menace Reporter Mediamax
17/11/2018 Programme to Sensitize University Students to be part of policy making process Reporter KNA
17/11/2018 KMPUs Rollout in Maasai Mara University Reporter K24
12/9/2018 Kenya bets on ‘blue economy’ for growth Reporter People Daily
12/6/2018 Treasury bemoans economic cost of floods and drought Reporter The Standard Newspaper
11/6/2018 How to use technology to respond effectively to drought and flood emergencies Prof Bitange Ndemo Daily Nation
8/6/2018 Cost of extreme weather Reporter NTV
8/6/2018 Rotich urges counties to set up emergency fund Reporter People Daily
7/6/2018 Droughts and floods to be prioritised in development agenda Reporter Daily Nation
7/6/2018 Mitigate recurring drought and floods Nancy Laibuni and Evelyne Kihiu Daily Nation
6/6/2018 Kenya sets aside $50 million for drought, floods response Reporter The East African
2/6/2018 It’s not the job of govt alone to tackle the effects of floods and drought Rose Ngugi The East African
14/6/2018 Caption of CS Henry Rotich opening the KIPPRA Conference Reporter The Standard Newspaper
21/5/2018 Increase forest cover to curb drought and floods in rainy season John Nyangena and Joshua Laichena The Standard Newspaper
9/6/2018 KIPPRA hosts a successful three-day regional conference on mitigation of drought and floods impacts Feature The East African
7/6/2018 Kenya Votes $50m to Fight Drought, Floods Reporter This Day, Nigeria
9/4/2018 Saccos have big role in creating 275 Kenyan home owners daily Diana Lukalo Daily Nation
4/4/2018 Invest in human health resources to attain universal healthcare Eldah Onsomu and Boaz Munga The Standard Newspaper
26/7/2017 Kenya Economic Report 2017 Reporter Business Daily
26/7/2017 Kenya Economic Report 2017 launch Reporter Capital FM
26/7/2017 Kenya Economic Report 2017 launch Reporter The Star Newspaper
06/07/2017 Manufacturers urged to urged to diversify into hi-tech goods Victor Mose The Star Newspaper
06/07/2017 What is to blame for collapsing buildings Victor Mose Daily Nation
06/07/2017 Collapsing buildings: How to move from talk to saving lives Victor Mose Standard Newspaper