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KIPPRA Visits Nyandarua County to Explore Collaboration

KIPPRA Executive Director Dr Rose Ngugi with Nyandarua County Governor Mr Francis Kimemia.

KIPPRA, led by the Executive Director Dr Rose Ngugi, visited Nyandarua County on 3rd March 2020 and met with the Governor, Mr Francis Kimemia, county executives from various departments and other key officers.

Discussions centred around areas of collaboration, particularly where the county could benefit from KIPPRA’s capacity building and research trainings in public policy formulation processes and socio-economic analysis.

The Governor noted that the county’s socio-economic transformation roadmap was encapsulated in the 2018-2022 county integrated development plan, which is in its second year of implementation and KIPPRA could train in the analysis of existing socio-economic factors to ensure they inform development programmes.

It was agreed that KIPPRA could build the capacity of the county technical officers in economic research, modelling and forecasting and public policy making process.

The county also needed research and analysis on their Small and Medium Enterprises and KIPPRA offered to support through findings obtained from various recent researches on SMEs, MSMEs and the informal sector.

Nyandarua County also expressed interest in partnering with KIPPRA in its 2021 annual conference, which will focus on innovation and technology.


KIPPRA staff with Nyandarua County Governor and his officers.

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