KIPPRA Launches Capacity Building Programmes Targeting Counties

KIPPRA Launches Capacity Building Programmes Targeting Counties

KIPPRA in collaboration with the County Assemblies Forum (CAF) launched two capacity building probrammes: Creating an Enabling Environment for Private Sector (CEEP) and Public Policy Making Process (PPMP) on 21st January 2019.

Among the keynote speakers at the event were the County Assemblies Chairperson (CAF) Hon. Johnstone Osoi, CAF CEO Ms Judy Oduma, Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) Deputy CEO Ms. Rachel Muthoga and KIPPRA Board Chairperson Dr Linda Musumba.

In her opening remarks, KIPPRA Executive Director noted that KIPPRA promotes evidence-based policy process in Kenya through research, adding that without informed policy, it is difficult to promote the development agenda in the national and county governments.

Dr Ngugi then explained the importance of the capacity building programmes in equipping national and county government officers with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver their mandate.

In her speech, Dr Musumba emphasized the importance of research in the policy-making process, saying policies are made based on sound evidence and, therefore, all policy decisions must be preceded by research.

Before officially launching the programmes, Hon. Osoi thanked KIPPRA for the initiative and assured the Institute of the county legislators’ support.

KIPPRA developed the programmes to fill capacity gaps identified during a rapid appraisal on training needs in public policy making process in counties, which found out that there was a high demand for training in: budget making process, policy formulation processes, research methods and tools, public policy analysis, economic report writing, economic forecasting, proposal writing, data collection and analysis, linking research and policy and monitoring and evaluation among others.

In addition, while undertaking a study on Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability, KIPPRA also identified several gaps in public financial management and the policy making process at the county.

CEEP, therefore, aims at empowering officers at both national and county governments to create legislations and policies that foster an enabling environment for the private sector to grow. PPMP, on the other hand, aims at equipping officers with skills on public policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

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