KIPPRA 2018/19 Work Plan Retreat

KIPPRA 2018/19 Work Plan Retreat

KIPPRA management team and a section of technical staff took a two-day retreat to discuss the current and upcoming work plans, performance contracting targets and the 2018-2022 strategic plan.

The intensive programme, which took place in Nairobi on 20th and 21st March 2018, entailed each department’s review of their current work plans, indicating the progress and what is to be achieved before the close of the financial year. The heads of departments also gave detailed presentations of their 2018/2019 work plans and the specific resource requirements. After each presentation, the participants gave comments and suggestions on how to improve the work plans. What stood out from the discussions was the need for work plans to adhere to KIPPRA functions and strategic objectives.

KIPPRA’s capacity building role, including the strategy and policies, ongoing capacity building programmes as well as new initiatives the institute is planning to introduce, were also discussed in detail.

The Strategic Plan 2018-2022 presentation highlighted the key guiding documents in its preparation, including KIPPRA Act, Big Four, Vision 2030, UN, AU 2063 Agenda and the Constitution. The document also highlighted KIPPRA’s key functions as well sustainability plans.

The performance contracting presentation included KIPPRA’s statutory requirements as well as commitments made in the 2017 Annual President’s Report on National Values and Principles of Governance. The commitments were cascaded to departmental levels, with each department required to meet specific targets in the 2018/19 work plan.





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