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KIPPRA Wide-Survey 2023

KIPPRA Wide Survey 2022/23

KIPPRA Wide Survey (KWS) is interdisciplinary research that is conducted yearly to enable the Institute to generate several resource outputs cost-effectively. The outputs are disseminated during the KIPPRA Annual Regional Conference that is normally held in June annually. The theme of KIPPRA Wide Survey 2022/23 is, “Accelerating Economic Growth and Development for ASALs in Kenya.” The sub-thematic areas include pastoralism, infrastructure services and urban development, human capital development, cultural and creative industry, agriculture sector, climate change adaptation, natural resource management, financial inclusion, trade and industry, governance structures, peace and security. Kenya’s ASALs constitutes up to 89% of the country’s total landmass with approximately 38% of Kenya’s population, covering over 29 counties. Further, ASALs is a home of 90% of wildlife and 70% of the country’s livestock yet the vast region faces low development indicators vis-à-vis the rest of the country. The Government is committed to mainstream the ASALS into the country’s development agenda. Increasingly, the Government has developed policies and policies to redress development challenges in the ASALs. The FY2022/23 study is critical in reviewing the development efforts made in the past two decades in the ASALs and recommend innovative policies and strategies could be employed to unlock the region’s potential. As one of the key interdisciplinary research outputs, the study forms core component of the Institute mandate.

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