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County On-Job Support Forums on Children, Youth, Women and PWDs Sensitive Planning and budgeting

  • KIPPRA, in collaboration with the National Treasury, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Council of Governors, County Assemblies Forum, UNICEF, UN Women and UNDP held County on-job-support forums. The forums were held in Nakuru, Kisumu, Isiolo, Kirinyaga, Machakos and Mombasa counties, bringing together senior county officials from all the 47 counties from 1st to 11th December 2020.
  • Discussions on how to have a standalone budget for children, youth and women was advanced and technical assistance to senior county staff was provided to enable them implement recommendations of the county budget briefs on children, youth and gender-sensitive planning and budgeting. This is aimed at strengthening linkages between spending and the performance of key outcome indicators in socio-economic wellbeing.

addition, recommendations from the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) reports, poverty profiles and county recovery strategies developed by KIPPRA to support counties in improving service delivery were also shared with the counties.

forums concluded with the signing of a county commitment assessment tool by counties. The tool will enable KIPPRA and its partners to monitor social sectors, nutrition, health and early childhood development education budget execution. This will enable counties to meet the needs of children, youth, PWDs and women.

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