Research Activities


Tracing the Effectiveness of  Kenya’s  Anti-Corruption Strategies

Corruption still remains one of the biggest problems affecting the county today. Several strategies and initiatives have been put in place  since independence to help if not to end or minmize corruption. The study seeks  to trace the effectiveness of these anti-corruption strategies and provide policy-related recommendations to address  gaps and/or reinforce key strengths existing […]


Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Assessment

KIPPRA in collaboration with various partners is currently conducting a Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) assessment on six counties: Kajiado, Baringo, Makueni, West Pokot, Nakuru and Kakamega. KIPPRA researchers are collecting data from various parts of the chosen counties.


Facilitation for Development of Kenya Railways Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Kenya Railway Strategic Plan 2012-2017 was developed in line with the Government of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and the Medium Term Plan (MTP) II which lists the expansion of railway transport as one of the key projects for the year 2013-2017. The objective of the railway expansion then was to increase the railway capacity to handle […]