Assessing public procurement spend allocated to special groups

KIPPRA is undertaking a research on “Identifying and Assessing Factors that Influence the Uptake of the 30% Procurement Spend Set Aside for Youth, Women, and People with Disabilities in Kenya”.

The primary objective of the research is to assess the uptake of the 30 per cent procurement spend set aside for the target group in Kenya and to support development of strategies needed to deepen the reforms aimed at enhancing uptake of the procurement spend to the same group. The tasks involve analyzing the procurement allocation and absorption levels for each group while examining impact of the factors influencing uptake. Also, to identify the gaps in the scheme, challenges and corrective/remedial measures therein while providing a comprehensive documentation on emerging issues.

The research project has been commissioned by the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) whose mandate is to facilitate access to procurement opportunities through enabling regulation that fosters value for money for national socio-economic development. PPRA is spearheading the realization of good public procurement practices that aim at: Maximizing economy and efficiency; promoting competition, ensuring that competitors are treated fairly; promoting the integrity and fairness; increasing transparency and accountability; and promoting local industry and economic development


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