Stakeholder Workshop on KIPPRA-Wide Survey on Gender and Development

Stakeholder Workshop on KIPPRA-Wide Survey on Gender and Development

KIPPRA hosted a stakeholder workshop on the ongoing KIPPRA-wide survey titled “A gendered approach to unlocking the potential for sustainable development in Kenya’. The theme of the workshop, which was held on 5th December 2018, was centered around the forthcoming KIPPRA Annual Regional Conference in 2019. The choice of theme for the proposed study reflects KIPPRA’s ambition to critically assess the role of gender equality in spurring Kenya’s realization of her development goals; by promoting greater recognition and development of human endowments, creating wider economic opportunity and enhancing both agency and voice.

The workshop had two principal objectives, namely: validating KIPPRA’s proposed scope and approach to the study against the expectations of key stakeholders; and second, to seek, establish and strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders in domains relevant to the proposed study. Among the stakeholders to grace the event were over 50 key institutions and actors institutions from across the public and political sectors, international governmental organizations, business, academia, civil society and Kenya’s legal fraternity.

The presentations served as catalysts for a robust open plenary session. Among the key insights drawn from the stakeholder presentation and plenary sessions, were the need to: take into account intra-gender differences; capacity-build women in political leadership to facilitate stronger participation; enhance business and legal literacy among women to increase participation along the value-chains of economic production; increase the independence of affirmative action funds to facilitate responsiveness to client demands; and reorient policies to emphatically address structural impediments to women’s economic participation.

The event concluded with closing comments and appreciation for all who participated from the KIPPRA Executive Director Dr Rose Ngugi Executive Director’s. Further, KIPPRA committed to and is currently engaged in incorporating the suggestions offered by the stakeholders in a subsequent revision of its overall research concept and resultant research papers. By engaging in with this theme through the multi-stakeholder workshop, proposed study and resultant conference, KIPPRA hopes to bring the role of gender equality in realizing sustainable development to the fore of policy making and discussion; and identify new drivers for and previously overlooked impediments to economic development in Kenya related to gender equality.

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