Puntland State Officials Visit KIPPRA

Puntland State Officials Visit KIPPRA

A delegation from the Puntland State of Somalia visited KIPPRA on 29th November 2018. The 11-member team was led by Mr Asad Farah Mohamed, a Cabinet Minister and Director in the Office of the President.

The role of the visit was to learn more about KIPPRA and how it participates in the public policy process in Kenya.

Head of the Private Sector Department, Dr Moses Njenga, welcomed the visiting team on behalf of the Executive Director. After introductions, the visitors got a brief overview of KIPPRA’s mandate, structure and role in the public policy-making process.

Among the questions asked by the visitors included: How KIPPRA engages with stakeholders in the public policy making process and how the United Nations development agenda, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, is integrated the Institute’s research agenda.

On the other hand, the KIPPRA team learned that Puntland had no think tank like KIPPRA but that various ministries conduct their own public policy researches. To explain the fact that there was only one female in the visiting team, the officials said affirmative action had a long way to go in their country, with less than 30% of seats/posts in government being held by women

While thanking KIPPRA for the welcome, the team expressed interest in building future partnerships with the Institute. They were particularly keen on the KIPPRA Young Professionals programme and the possibility of KIPPRA building the capacity of their government staff through tailor-made short courses (3-6 months) in areas related to:

  • Macro-modeling;
  • Influencing the public policy making process in Puntland;
  • Conduct of public policy research and analysis.

The Puntland team agreed to write officially to KIPPRA to make the requests.

Compiled by Jane Kenda and Nahashon Mwongera

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