The modules of Operations of Government are designed and intended to make the training and learning process interactive and productive. Each module has learning activities, concept development and exercises.

The modules help to enhance the knowledge base of participants in government operations and eventually are applied by participants in their work in public sector. They also prepare and develop participants as leaders, managers, analysts and administrators in meeting change and challenges of governance in the public and non-profit sectors.

Module 1

This module presents the basic discussions that introduce the nature, concept and theoretical framework of governance in Kenya. It also provides participants with an understanding of the difference of Governance from Government as well as its evolution and develops the participant’s ability to apply these concepts to current issues on governance and development.

Module 2

This module gives participants a critical understanding of the role of government(s) and the different key players/actors in the governance process. It encourages participants to develop their own ideas for enhancing participation in governance and improving accountability of the state.

Module 3

This module introduces the participants to the County Governance and discusses the relationships between the National and County Governments. It also introduces and discusses the independent institutions, their functions and relationships with other government bodies.

Module 4

This module gives a detailed view of the Provincial Administration currently known as the Ministry of Interior and Government Coordination, in terms of its roles, challenges and relevance in the governance structure. The section also introduces State Corporations and Regional Development Authorities, discussing their functions and relevancies in governance and development.

Module 5

This module introduces and covers other components of devolution such roles and functions of devolution, transition from Central Government to County Government, institutional structures and their functions, and citizen’s role in governance.