KIPPRA Hosts Stakeholder Roundtable on Review of Vision 2030

KIPPRA Hosts Stakeholder Roundtable on Review of Vision 2030

KIPPRA convened a stakeholder meeting to review the progress of the Vision 2030 programme. The roundtable, which was held on 28th February 2019, drew participants from 23 organizations and was aimed at gathering views to inform on policy areas that require adjustments as the country moves to implement the last phases of the Vision.

Policy Analyst Anne Gitonga
KIPPRA Policy Analyst Dr Moses Njennga welcomes guests on behalf of the Executive Director.

In this assignment, KIPPRA aims to:

  1. Review the implementation of the original flagship projects and give an account of the progress made so far;
  2. Assess the institutional and coordination mechanism between the national and county governments;
  3. Determine emerging issues, their implications on the development priorities and integration into the medium-term plans;
  4. Analyze economic growth performance and that of socio-economic indicators;
  5. Propose a growth path to getting to the per capita level required to attain an upper middle-income country status by 2030

To anchor the discussions, KIPPRA made a presentation of preliminary assessment titled “Anchoring Kenya’s Economy on Sustainable and Inclusive Path.”

This was followed by a plenary session where participants gave their views and suggestions, which would be instrumental in shaping the course of the analysis.

Participants listen to a presentation by Dr Chris Onyango from KIPPRA
Director of Economic Pillar at the Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat, Veronicah Okoth, gave an overview of the progress in implementation .

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