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This study is a background paper on patenting in Kenya that seeks to explore patenting, while isolating challenges that are faced by inventors in patenting their inventions. A survey was carried out on patent applicants to the national office KIPI for the period 1998-2008, in addition to literature review of relevant documents and legislation. Study findings indicate the level of patenting in Kenya is low, while that for grant rate is very low. IP knowledge, especially on patenting, was also found to be very low. Patent applicants from universities were extremely low contrary to expectations. Despite the low patenting levels, 80 per cent of respondents reported they had innovations that were not protected. Only 20 per cent of respondents had commercialized their patents. Outstanding challenges/obstacles to patenting are long and tedious patenting process, difficult patent drafting, limited IP knowledge, lack of IP professionals, limited R&D funds and a weak IPR regime.

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