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KIPPRA publishes research outputs under several series:

Kenya Economic Report

This is the flagship publication of the Institute. The report, which is produced annually and presented to Parliament by the Minister of Planning, National Development and Vision 2030, analyses Kenya’s economic performance for the last year, prospects for the next three years, and benchmarks the performance against comparator and selected countries. The report is produced in consultation with the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Finance, and Central Bank of Kenya. The inaugural report was produced in 2009.

Discussion Papers

Disseminate results and reflections from ongoing research activities of the Institute’s programmes. The papers are internally refereed and are disseminated to inform and invoke debate on policy issues. Since 2002, the Institute has produced over 150 discussion papers.

Working Papers

Disseminate results of on-going research at the Institute. The papers in the series cover specific policy issues in detail and are meant to provide policy makers and researchers with background information that can be used in developing refined discussion and policy papers. The papers are authored and reviewed by KIPPRA researchers and disseminated to provoke debate and solicit comments. Since 2002, the Institute has produced over 15 working papers.

Special Reports

They deal with specific issues that are of policy concern. The reports provide in-depth survey results and/or analysis on policy issues. They are meant to help policy analysts in their research work and assist policy makers in evaluating various policy options. Deliberate effort is made to simplify the presentation so that issues discussed can be easily grasped by a wide audience. Since 2002, the Institute has produced 10 special reports.

Occasional Papers

They focus on broad issues that are of significance to contemporary policy concerns. Papers in this series are meant to generate debate and to inform a wide range of audience, including the general public. They draw on the practical experience and expertise of a wide cross-section of persons who have been involved in research, policy and leadership positions in government, international organisations, civil society and business. Since 2002, the Institute has produced 5 occasional papers.

Conference Proceedings

They report the proceedings of conferences and workshops organised by the Institute. Whenever possible, discussions at such forums are also included. The proceedings are compiled and reviewed by KIPPRA researchers and are disseminated to inform, provoke, and solicit comments. Since 2002, the Institute has produced 10 conference proceedings.

Policy Papers and Policy Briefs

They aim at wide dissemination of the Institute’s policy research findings. The findings are meant to stimulate discussion and also build capacity in the public policy making process in Kenya. Since 2002, the Institute has produced over 100 policy papers and policy briefs on various policy issues.

Training Manuals

They are used for capacity building programmes. The KIPPRA capacity building programmes target the Institute’s staff (especially the Young Professionals), government officers, private sector, and civil society. The aim is to develop human and institutional capacity to utilise the Institute’s research and policy analysis products, and also create a sustainable capacity for understanding, conducting and coordinating public policy analysis and research. The Institute has prepared various manuals for training in such areas as policy making and implementation for micro and small enterprises, macroeconomic modelling, research methodology, public policy making, among others.

KIPPRA Policy Monitor

In addition to reviewing the institute’s activities, this newsletter carries incisive lead articles on current policy issues and debate in the country. It also provides an Economic Outlook of Kenya’s economy.


The Institute has embarked on a process that will result in publication of books on various themes relevant to national development in Kenya. The first book is expected during the 2009/2010 period.

The various KIPPRA publications are available from the institute’s Information and Documentation Centre and can also be downloaded from the KIPPRA website. The Institute also has numerous unpublished research reports on various policy issues, compiled for various clients in government and private sector. Some of these reports are available to the public, while others are for limited circulation. The KIPPRA Annual Reports are also a deep source of information on the activities of the Institute.

You are here: Home Resource Centre Publications Description
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