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Trade and Foreign Policy

The Trade and Foreign Policy Division carries out research and policy analysis on domestic, regional and international trade and foreign policy issues. The main objective is to strengthen Kenya’s capacity to address trade policy-related issues and raise awareness of domestic and external trade issues to the government and other stakeholders. By entrenching trade policy in its foreign policy, Kenya will maximize benefits and development goals from international relations/diplomacy.

Thematic Areas

Domestic Trade: It focuses on research and policy analysis issues on domestic trade. Both wholesale and retail trade are expected to contribute significantly towards the realization of Vision 2030.  

Regional Trade: Kenya has made undertakings in various regional trade agreements, that is, East African Community, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa and Inter- Governmental Authority and Development. The main aim of this theme is to help Kenya formulate and implement trade policies that enable the country to enhance its trade potentials in these regional economic blocs.  

International Trade:  This theme aims to provide research and capacity building required to help Kenya benefit from opportunities emanating from international trade arrangements such as World Trade Organization negotiations, Economic Partnership Agreements between African Caribbean and Pacific group and European Union, African Growth Opportunity Act and other bilateral and multilateral trade arrangements.

Foreign Policy and International Relations:  This theme aims at enabling Kenya to align its foreign policy objectives to its strategic national interests in relation to trade, security and other development goals. The purpose is for Kenya to assume its share of responsibility for the development of Africa and the international community as a whole.  


  • Christopher Hugh Onyango: Policy Analyst (Acting Head of Division)
  • Simon Githuku: Policy Analyst
  • Paul Odhiambo: Policy Analyst
  • Manasseh Otieno: Policy Analyst
You are here: Home Research Programmes Trade and Foreign Policy
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