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Social Sector

The mandate of the Social Sector Division is to conduct research and policy analysis in the areas of education, health, poverty, labour markets and social institutions. The Division is a source of evidence-based information on social issues in Kenya, including: determinants of schooling in Kenya; private and public sector investment in education; teaching norms, financing of healthcare, labour market dynamics, social budgeting, cash transfers, among others. The Division also plays a key role in developing the capacity for social policy analysis in public and private sectors

Thematic Areas

Education: This research theme has in the recent past focused on the impact of primary school education inputs on outputs in Kenya to establish the role of school and community inputs in explaining school outputs, including performance in national examinations and learning achievements, and establishing the relationships between inputs and outputs/outcomes.

Health: The aim is to investigate how various labour productivity measures are affected by the health status of employees. This will assist in understanding the contribution of a healthy workforce to a country's competitiveness. The Division has also attempted to analyse policy issues towards financing of healthcare in Kenya.

Poverty dynamics: The aim of this research theme is to investigate how many people may have fallen into and out of poverty as the government implements various macroeconomic policies for economic growth and development.

Labour market: This research theme has focused on skills needs, availability and competitiveness. It also assesses the cost implication of the mismatch between skills needs and availability with a view to establishing ways of increasing the competitiveness of firms in Kenya.


  • Dr Eldah Onsomu: Senior Policy Analyst (Head of Division)
  • Rose Ngara-Muraya: Policy Analyst
  • Boaz Munga: Policy Analyst
  • Dr Nancy Nafula: Senior Policy Analyst
  • Phares Kirii: Policy Analyst
You are here: Home Research Programmes Social Sector
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