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Private Sector Development

The Private Sector Development Division undertakes research and policy analysis aimed at improving the legal and regulatory environment for private sector business in order to promote economic growth, employment opportunities and poverty alleviation.

Thematic Areas

Investment climate and opportunities: The aim is to analyse public investment trends, patterns and implications on regional growth by identifying the nature and characteristics of government investment patterns at regional level, examining the factors determining investment patterns across the regions, examining the relationship between the investment pattern and regional growth, and devising pro-poor investment policies that will facilitate balanced regional growth.

Financing needs of the private sector: This thematic area aims to explore the relationship between saving behaviour and investment growth by examining the factors that determine the prevailing savings behaviour, analyzing the impact of this behaviour on investment growth, and making policy recommendations on how to encourage savings behaviour in Kenya.

Role of the Government in private sector growth: The aim of this thematic area is to assess the business environment in Kenya, with the aim of improving the policy environment for doing business in Kenya. The development of an investment climate index aims to establish a framework for measuring and monitoring investment climate in Kenya.


  • Prof. Joseph Kieyah: Principal Policy Analyst, Head of Division
  • Moses Njenga: Policy Analyst
  • Dr Jacob Chege: Senior Policy Analyst
  • Anne Gitonga: Policy Analyst
  • Adan Shibia: Policy Analyst
You are here: Home Research Programmes Private Sector Development
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