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The Divisions goal is to improve public policy for growth, equity and poverty reduction through macroeconomic policy analysis and research, capacity building and networking. It focuses on analysis of pertinent macroeconomic policy issues such as interest rates, inflation, and exchange rate movements; monetary policy; public expenditure management; macroeconomic modelling; optimal tax policy; and domestic and external public debt.

Thematic Areas

KIPPRA Treasury Macro-Model: The KIPPRA-Treasury Macro Model (KTMM) is a macro model of the Kenya economy. The model is used for providing inputs for the design of the macroeconomic policy framework for the MTEF budget process, and for national planning processes. The model is also critical in the assessment of different policy options.

Kenya Economic Report: The annual Kenya Economic Report is the flagship report of the Institute. The report is prepared by the Institute in consultation with the Ministry of Planning, National Development and Vision 2030; Ministry of Finance; Central Bank of Kenya; and the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. It is tabled before Parliament by the Minister for Planning, National Development and Vision 2030. The Kenya Economic Report provides an objective and independent review of the country's economic performance in the previous year and economic prospects for the medium term.

Social Accounting Matrix and Social Economic Analysis: The Division is involved developing and maintaining a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Kenya and is developing capacity in General Equilibrium Models to support socio-economic policy analysis and simulations. The SAM provides important insights into socio-economic relationships and inter-linkages thus providing a robust framework for analyzing key socio-economic policy issues. For instance, the SAM is currently being used to analyze sectoral contributions to employment and equity.

Public Expenditure Management: Public Expenditure Reviews (PERs) have been institutionalized as part of the annual budget process in Kenya. The review process provides the analytical basis that informs the MTEF budget. The Macroeconomics Division supports the PER process through the PER Secretariat at the Ministry of Planning, National Development and Vision 2030. The Division also conducts reviews of the annual budget.


  • Benson Kiriga: Policy Analyst, Acting Head of Division
  • Dr Bernadette Wanjala: Policy Analyst
  • Eliud Moyi: Policy Analyst
  • Naomi Mathenge: Policy Analyst
You are here: Home Research Programmes Macroeconomics
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