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Infrastructure and Economic Services

The Infrastructure and Economic Services Division focuses on problems inhibiting the development and provision of physical infrastructure and services in the sub-sectors of energy, information and communications technology, petroleum transmission and distribution, solid waste management, transport, construction and housing, and environmental health. The aim is to develop innovative, research-based infrastructure policy options for Kenya

Thematic Areas

Infrastructure, investment and productivity: This thematic area focuses on analysis of the current status of public sector procurement policy in Kenya, and evaluation of the magnitude of government procurement and its impact on economic performance.

Public service delivery: The focus is on identifying mechanisms of integrating spatial and economic planning with a view to optimizing the outcomes of various developmental processes.

Construction industry performance: Work in this thematic area aims to get a better and more informed understanding of the operations and performance of the construction industry and to propose policy measures and strategic interventions to improve the performance of the industry.

Infrastructure finance: The aim is to identify impediments to private financing of infrastructure services in Kenya; identify innovative, non-traditional options/models for financing infrastructure services; and propose reform initiatives to facilitate private-public initiatives in the delivery and management of infrastructure services.

Urban and regional planning: The aim is to provide an assessment of the extent to which urban and regional planning in Kenya has facilitated the creation of a suitable environment for business, and also promotion of wealth creation efforts.

Transport: The aim is to develop a migration model for urban public transport in Kenya to facilitate the transition from low to high capacity public service vehicles.

The aim is to provide policy options for powering Kenya's economic growth, and propose a strategy for ensuring delivery of adequate and affordable energy to power Kenya's growth.


  • Dr Hellen Hoka Osiolo: Policy Analyst (Acting Head of Division)
  • James Gachanja: Policy Analyst
  • Dr Humphrey Njogu: Policy Analyst
  • Victor Mose: Policy Analyst
You are here: Home Research Programmes Infrastructure and Economic Services
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