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The Governance Division focuses on constitutional reforms, decentralization or devolution, legal reforms, economic governance, transparency and accountability, peace building and conflict management.

Thematic Areas

Land reforms, security and conflict management: This theme focuses on issues of ongoing land reforms and other land use policies. Also, research and policy analysis on important issues relating to security, resource use and conflict management is done.

Government decentralization and policy process: The aim of this research theme is to address issues related to devolution and the role and efficacy of regional authorities.

Economic and corporate governance: This research theme focuses on public and corporate transparency and governance, efficiency of the preparation and implementation of the budget, and management of public institutions.

Constitutional and institutional legal reforms: This theme focuses on the possible efficient organization set-up of the government, ways of improving government Ministries’ coordination, the cost of implementing the existing constitutional dispensation, and the optimal levels of independence of arms of government.


  • Dr Douglas Kivoi: Policy Analyst
You are here: Home Research Programmes Governance
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