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The annual Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon took place on 25 October 2015 and KIPPRA could not miss an opportunity to be part of this worthy cause meant to raise funds towards the ‘Seeing is Believing’ initiative. The programme aims at raising funds for the needy in the community, especially children who need eye care and restoration of sight.
The marathon attracted more than 20,000 people who participated in six categories:  Tricycles 42 Km, wheelchairs 21Km, full marathon (42Km), half marathon (21Km), 10Km and family fun run. Fourteen KIPPRA staff were among majority of the runners who participated in the half marathon (21km) and 10km.
Enthusiastic Nairobians, fitness lovers and veteran athletes were up and early and most of them streamed into Nyanyo National Stadium before sunrise. This was mainly occasioned by the closure of the roads leading to the stadium by 4am, meaning vehicles were parked far and participants had to walk long distances to get to the venue.
The organizers of the race left nothing to chance when it came to security. Apart from various roads being closed early, there was a thorough frisking of participants and a heavy police presence in and around the stadium. Police choppers also hovered over the stadium for a better part of the morning.
KIPPRA staff gathered at a central point before the races for a briefing and photo session. There were also photo sessions at the finish points and during the awarding of medals.
The marathon attracted people of all walks of life and ages. It was also graced by parliamentarians, senators, Nairobi County Deputy Governor and heads of various public and private institutions. Apart from some incidences of pickpocketing around the watering points and an imposter who caused drama after claiming to come second in the 42km race, the marathon went on smoothly.
The Nairobi Marathon is part nine races -- Jersey, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, the Falkland Islands and Kuala Lumpur -- which are sponsored by the Standard Chartered Bank.

You are here: Home View More News and Highlights Race to restore poor children's sight
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