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The Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) was among over 500 foreign and local exhibitors at the annual Nairobi International Trade Fair that took place from 28 September to 4 October, 2015.
Through the fair themed 'Enhancing Technology in Agriculture and Industry for Food Security and National Growth', KIPPRA got an opportunity to showcase its products, explain to the public its vital role in Kenya’s public policy and enhance its image. Visitors got to know KIPPRA’s vision, mission and core mandate and most of them were given the ‘KIPPRA in Brief’ to enable them learn more about the institute. Through the publications distributed, researchers, students and government and public officials got a feel of some of the research work KIPPRA does.


Among the dignitaries who stopped by KIPPRA’s stand included the Principal Secretary, State Department of Planning Eng. Peter Oganga Mangiti and Senior Administrator at the Ministry of Devolution and Planning Hassan Noor Hassan.  
“Our think tank!" remarked Mangiti before asking, "So what do you have for us today?” to which KIPPRA staff manning the stand responded with an explanation of the latest researches and publications the institute had done.
The 13th edition of the trade fair also provided a platform for KIPPRA to interact and exchange ideas and experiences with other researchers and the public. A number of those who visited KIPPRA suggested that the institute should do a lot of research on various forms of agriculture, including dairy and poultry farming as well as the possible markets for the produce. They said this would educate the youth and other young farmers on best practices and the most profitable ventures.
Some of the professionals and researchers who already knew about KIPPRA wanted information on Young Professionals Programme and how they could be part of it. They got a detailed explanation of the programme, its benefits and the process of application.
Since the fair coincided with the nationwide teachers strike that saw public schools closed for more than a month, student turnout was generally low. However, educationists and teachers who stopped by KIPPRA stand wanted to know whether the institute had conducted a research on teachers’ salaries. It was explained to them that KIPPRA had conducted a research titled ‘A Comparative Study on Public-Private Sector Wage Differentials in Kenya ‘, which could guide the Salaries and Remuneration Commission and the government on how to handle the salaries issue.   
The trade fair was officially opened by President Uhuru Kenyatta who said the government was undertaking major reforms in the agricultural sector to boost production and increase profits for farmers.


You are here: Home View More News and Highlights One-on-one with the public and stakeholders at Nairobi Trade Fair
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