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The Constitution recognizes that the realization of National Values and Principles of Governance (NV&PG) is essential in transforming Kenya’s socio-economic and political landscape towards the attainment of both the Kenya Vision 2030 and the global Sustainable Development Goals.

The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government through the Directorate of National Cohesion and National Values, committed to the conduct of a baseline survey on NV&PG. It is on this basis that the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) was commissioned to undertake the study whose findings were released during a well-attended national stakeholders’ validation workshop, which took place on 18 January, 2017 at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi.

After introducing KIPPRA staff present during the workshop, Acting Executive Director Dr Dickson Khainga highlighted the report, emphasizing the importance of the 17 national values in achieving overall national development. Dr Khainga also gave a brief background of the report, saying the researchers collected data in sample households, schools and public offices across urban and rural areas in all the 47 counties in Kenya.
One of the  researchers, Dr Nancy Nafula, made a presentation of the key findings, which were drawn from an assessment of various factors in relation to national values; namely: Awareness of values, prioritization, compliance by actors, enforcement and the annual presentation of the President’s report.

“Many people have not heard of national values and only 32 per cent of the population is aware of the President’s report,” stated Dr Nafula as she systematically explained the findings of each factor in relation to national values.
When it comes to patriotism, Dr Nafula said their findings indicated that "males were 'extremely proud' to be Kenyan as opposed to females and the educated".

The study also found that 79 per cent of Kenyans believed corruption was a major hindrance when it comes to compliance to equity, rule of law and integrity.

Dr Eldah Onsomu presented the second part of the report, which focused on the Kenya National Values Index and how to measure progress. Dr Onsomu highlighted the framework that guided the study, leading to the development of five sub-categories of the index, which were measured. These are: Patriotism; sharing and devolution of power; protection of the Bill of Rights; governance and integrity; and sustainable development.

“These were inputted to compile the National Values Index at 57 per cent,” said Dr Onsomu.
The presentations were concluded by Dr Othieno Nyanjom, who highlighted the study’s implications and recommendations. The recommendations include the need to: Raise awareness of national values as well as the President’s report; strengthen public financial management, rewards and sanctions; include national values in school curriculum and conduct civic education.

Participants were invited to seek clarifications, ask questions and give comments.
Zippy Musyimi from the Nyumba Kumi Initiative highlighted some of the activities the team was carrying out to ensure patriotism among citizens.

“One of our initiatives is to breathe life to national anthem so that when we sing it we really mean it,” said Musyimi.
Another participant sought clarification on how the indicators were developed, asking for a simpler explanation.
It was also suggested that instead of including values in the education curriculum, which will mean examining them, teachers should be empowered to impart morals and values in their students.

A participant from Uwezo Fund made a passionate appeal to KIPPRA researchers to study the role of men in society with the aim of empowering them. According to her, the society has empowered women and channeled many resources towards their courses, leaving out men, most of who are languishing in illiteracy and poverty.   

The researchers responded to each of the questions and comments and thanked the participants for their presence and input.

You are here: Home View More News and Highlights Not many Kenyans are aware of national values and their importance
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