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For the second year in a row, the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) has ranked the top think tank in Sub-Saharan Africa according to the 2015 Global Go-To Think Tank Index Report.
The ranking identifies think tanks that excel in research, analysis and public engagement on a wide range of policy issues with the aim of advancing debate, facilitating cooperation between relevant actors, maintaining public support and funding, and improving the overall quality of life in their countries.
According to the report, which analyses and ranks 6,846 think tanks worldwide, the nature and role of think tanks has changed over the years.
“By the end of World War II think tanks had become indispensableadvisers to presidents, prime ministers, members of parliament and congress and as the saying goes all they had to do was ‘research it, write it and policy makers would beat a path to their door’,” says the report.
However, the report notes,information and technological revolution, the increased complexity of policy issues, the growth of global philanthropy, the rise of civil society, the forces of globalization, and the demands for timely and concise policy analysis continue to shape the role of think tanks.
Other categories where KIPPRA ranked well are: Top domestic economic think tank, best think tank conference, best trans-disciplinary research think tanks, best use of social networks, think tanks with the best external relations/public engagement programme, think tanks with the best use of the internet, think tanks with the most significant impact on public policy, outstanding research policy programmes,
“We are happy for the continued recognition of our input in public policy research both in Kenya and in the region. KIPPRA will continue gearing its efforts towards being an international centre of excellence in public policy research and analysis” says KIPPRA’s Acting Executive Director, Dr Dickson Khainga.
Dr Khainga attributed KIPPRA’s sterling performance to a highly experienced board of directors, a dedicated staff and management, strong partnerships, and the continued support from the Government, African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), and the Think Tank Initiative of IDRC.
The Global Go-To Think Tank Index is compiled annually by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Programme at the University of Pennsylvania to acknowledge the important contributions and emerging global trends of think tanks worldwide.

You are here: Home View More News and Highlights KIPPRA ranks number one in Sub-Saharan Africa, again
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