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As part of its mentorship and capacity building initiatives, KIPPRA hosted economics students from Kenyatta University on 25 February 2016 at the institute’s premises. Being upcoming economists, most of the students were familiar with the institute’s general mandate. They, however, needed to understand its functions in detail.
After a brief introduction session where each of the visiting students stated their career aspirations, Prof. Joseph Kieyah, KIPPRA’s acting programmes coordinator, made a detailed presentation of KIPPRA’s vision, mission, core mandate, its divisions and functions as well as its partners. Prof Kieyah also heighted some of the prominent public policy research work KIPPRA had undertaken and how the findings have influenced decision making in Kenya.
To illustrate the importance of economics not just to Kenya but also to the region and the world, Prof Kieyah gave his personal experience studying and working in Kenya and abroad. He noted that although there was a high demand for economists locally and internationally, there was need to pursue further studies in various aspects of economics. He urged the students not to settle for an undergraduate degree but to go ahead and pursue a masters and PhD degrees as soon as they can, as this would open bigger and diverse career opportunities for them.
The session later opened up to a lively discussion involving questions, answers and a general assessment of Kenya’s economy and the various dynamics that have contributed to the current economic landscape. Prof. Kieyah enumerated some of the huge economic gains Kenya has made in the recent past, including the Thika  Superhighway, Standard Gauge Railway, massive growth in the real estate sector as well as the growing interest in Kenya among world leaders who have recently visited the country. This, according to Prof. Kieyah, signified better fortunes for the country in future. A few more questions and answers and the session ended with a vote of thanks from one of the student leaders who noted that they had learnt a lot from KIPPRA. Before leaving, the students enjoyed snacks and drinks. 

You are here: Home View More News and Highlights Kenyatta University Economics students visit KIPPRA
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